Saber Review 2023

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Saber is a popular decentralized exchange created by Ian Macalinao and Dylan Macalinao in 2021.

It runs on 1 different chains including Solana.

Saber offers features such as liquidity mining, yield farming, spot trading and more.

We rated Saber 3.5/5, based on it's features, security, and future prospects.

Saber Features

Liquidity Mining

Saber allows you to earn passive income by providing liquidity. You're given LP tokens in return, which are interest bearing. The interest comes from trading fees generated by Saber.

Yield Farming

Hosts incentivised yield farms. You can earn boosted rewards from staked LP tokens. This is a great way to earn more crypto. Projects put up tokens for you to earn, often for marketing efforts.

Spot Trading

This means you can buy and sell the real thing. Actual crypto. Not a futures contract or derivative.

Saber Fees

Trading Fees

All DEXs charge trading fees. Saber is no different.

Trading fees incentivise liquidity providers to provide liquidity to Saber. This enables people like you to freely trade between tokens without incurring too much slippage.

Withdrawal Fees

Saber does not charge withdrawal fees.

DEXs, generally, do not require you to deposit funds onto them. Therefore there is nothing to withdraw. This is one of the many great things about dencentralized exchanges. You get to be the sole custodian of your funds.

How to use Saber?

  1. Get a crypto wallet that supports web3 on one Saber's of supported chains.
  2. Deposit crypto into the wallet, ensuring you have tokens for gas
  3. Navigate to Saber's homepage
  4. Connect your wallet to the website
  5. Goto Swap/Trade
  6. Choose a token that you'd like to swap to
  7. Finally, swap!


Where can I buy SBR ?

You can by SBR direct from Saber. It is the native token of Saber, and they will therefore offer the most liquidity.

Is Saber safe?

Yes, Saber is safe to use. However, you should be aware that crypto trading carries inherent risk. dApps are vulnerable to exploits, so make sure to DYOR before investing.

What chains do Saber support?

Saber supports Solana.

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